personal intimo




I think in English, Farsi, German, Swedish- and in musical terms.

As I started my musical career as a concert pianist, my most intimate instrument still is the piano - it allows me to express myself in a way, where words alone would not be enough.

There I love to let myself fall into the music, the moment, if not to say, into meditation completely - and let the music flow out of my heart, into my fingers, directly into the wood, the textile, the metal - the piano - right into your heart.

All tracks are totally improvised - I would not know how to replay the tunes in the exact same way again a second time.

The lullabies are played in a regular form - there I just improvised on the melody.




"Nana & the Blue Piano" - recorded in August 2009; this special piano, which is really colored partially in light-blue, is now to be seen in the Belvedere Museum in Vienna. The last recording ever made on this fantastic grand from the 1950´s. My first improvisational birth.


"Zzzz..." - recorded in May 2010. Dedicated to miraculous baby no.1... based on the relation between musical keys & the human chakra system; helping little and grand living beings to calm down just before bedtime in a very special way.


"Life before Death" - recorded in June 2012. Reflections on life, struggle & pure gratitude.


"Snö" - recorded in December 2012. X-mas in it´s most improvisational form.


"Snö II" - recorded in December 2014 - the sequal two years later.


"Miniatures of Love" - recorded on Women´s day in March 2014 - tribute to my Oriental heritage & dedication to miraculous baby no.2 ...










Album 1 to 4 performed on Bösendorfer grand pianos.

Album "Miniatures of Love" recorded at the "Tonzauber Studios" in the Konzerthaus Vienna by Georg Burdicek- on a Steinway Grand D.

Each track is uncut & therefore the one & only original take.