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A potpourri of videos (conducting & piano), interviews (in different languages) and audio files (live in concert) - also look at NEWS:







Docu-clip with HSO/Sweden on Benjamin Staern´s world premiere "Surprise!"

TV Spot with RSO Vienna, on women´s day on ORF/Austrian National TV, March 2015

"The Organ-Symphony" C.Saint-Saens: Turku Philharmonic/Finland & Kalle Toivio (organ), November 2013 

Zar & Zimmermann by Albert Lortzing; Ouverture & Scene I; ASO Munich & Philharmonic Choir FFB; Soloist: Florian Kresser, July 2012

"The Firebird" by Igor Stravinsky - Diploma Concert with Kuopio Symphony Orchestra/Finland, March 2008

Firebird part II 

"Mosaic" by Elliot Carter with the "Musica Nova Festival Ensemble" Helsinki/Finland, November 2009

Neubrandenburger Philharmonie, Germany - General Rehearsal for concert on 5/5/2013

Trailer 2013 with concert performances from the past 5 years

Documentary 2011/2012 made by Kahkeshan TV, Belgium- in Farsi with English subtitles (all piano improvisations by Nazanin Aghakhani- except of first few bars, improvisation on theme by N. Rimsky-Korsakov)

Docu part I  Docu part II  Docu part III



"Piano Teaser" by, December 2014

"Ice Flower"- video shot by during recording sessions to album "Snö II", December 2014

"Frozen Thought"- also by, December 2014



"First Female Conductor in Iran" - Interview for "The World" @BBC/Public Radio International about historical event, March 2014 --- here link to website

Interview Nazanin Aghakhani @ BR Klassik - with live piano & voice improvisation on excerpt of German Law (on at 22:22)! April 2011


AUDIO (live):


Brahms, Haydn and Staern with Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra

In Memoriam Mats Rondin, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Sound-Signature "GeBuOne" for Georg Burdicek; composed & conducted by Nazanin Aghakhani with ASO Munich, recorded by Georg Burdicek; Herkules-Hall Munich/Germany, December 2012

Leif Segerstam, sym. no. 224, "just remembering..." - a worldpremiere! Leif Segerstam composer & piano; Nazanin Aghakhani musical director & piano; ASO Munich, live in concert @ Herkules-Hall Munich/Germany, April 2011

Brahms Hungarian Dance No.5 - live in Concert! as an encore with ASO Munich, recorded by Georg Burdicek; Herkules-Hall Munich/Germany, December 2012